We have a wide range of connectivity options, ranging from basic ADSL to High-speed Fibre Optic and LTE Mobile Data. With the service that we offer we are able to get almost anyone connected to the Net. We have strategically chosen to partner with some of the Leading ISPs to bring our customers fast, reliable internet no matter where they are situated. Our options include:


As with all traditional ADSL services you are reliant on Telkom’s ageing copper infrastructure to deliver this service. ADSL works well for some and not so well for others, depending on the area and distance from the local Telkom Exchange. The main drawcard here though is the ever-decreasing cost of ADSL. As a bonus, we manage the data portion as well as the line rental portion of the set-up. In the event of line failure or a break in service, we deal directly with Telkom on your behalf – saving you the effort of lengthy phone calls.


We can assist clients with any type of Fibre package, whether it be an Enterprise Link/ FTTB (Fibre to the Business) or FTTH (Fibre to the Home). Please contact us to check for availability in your area.


We have Mobile data options that work as a good alternative for people who struggle to get reliable ADSL or that don’t have Fibre coverage in their area yet.


We have partnered with wireless Fibre providers that can deliver Fibre services over wireless point-to-point links, quickly. These services can be installed in a short space of time – alongside are highly competitive data rates.

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