Detect and stop cybersecurity threats with
TS Tec’s innovative Firewall rental offering

Threats to your data can come from anywhere.

From a cybercriminal across the globe or an employee in your own office. Either way, they are harder to prevent than ever before. Living in the age of technology, where clouds are doing all the thinking, devices are mobile and company data is stored in multiple locations, a security breach is the biggest threat to business continuity. That’s why cybersecurity needs to be at the forefront of your business’ requirements.

What threats does your business face?  Today, cybercrime is highly sophisticated and evolving at a rapid pace. Threats range from malware and phishing schemes to attackers holding data for ransom because they know you can’t do business without it. Your business needs sophisticated cybersecurity that evolves to protect you against these threats.

From loss of proprietary information and brand damage to regulatory fines and remediation costs, data breaches have far-reaching consequences for your business.

Take charge of your cyber security.

From intelligent networked devices to employees using their own smartphones, there are many routes into your business – and cybercriminals know them all. It is no longer good enough to employ a purely reactive approach to security with anti-virus software installed on each device. It is important to use a proactive approach and to block threats before they reach your devices. TS Tec can provide you will an integrated solution to protect your business, your staff and your customers.

We use only the best Firewalls to provide you with a proactive security solution to detect, investigate, and stop threats before they become costly data breaches. Our Firewalls will provide you with multiple security features and services in a single device installed on your network, protecting users in a simplified way.

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What exactly is a Firewall?

The term Firewall was originally used to describe physical walls in buildings that were made of concrete or steel and were used to stop fire from spreading past that room. Designed as a safety feature in physical structures, Firewall provides an apt name for the cyber security equivalent we use today.

In technical terms, a Firewall in cybersecurity looks at incoming and outgoing network traffic and prevents unauthorised access to maintain network security. It immediately identifies unusual or suspicious behaviour, verifies if it is malicious or out of policy, and initiates an automated response. Unlike traditional antivirus software a Firewall provides protection at a network-level whereas anti-virus works on a device-level.

Benefits of using a Firewall

Protect Data

Most businesses store commercially sensitive data and client information. A breach can be devastating to your reputation. A Firewall can protect your data.

Reduced Downtime

Every year, cyber-attacks cost businesses billions in losses. Breaches can go beyond reputational damage. Limit your losses by using a system that can identify and halt breaches fast.

Business Continuity

A strong security system breeds organisational resilience. View cyber security as a competitive advantage for your business.


Companies can leverage cyber security as a significant driver for digital services, products and models. Become a winner in the digital era.

TS Tec’s Firewall rental solution

We have designed a Firewall rental solution that not only provides your business with the protection that it needs, but it does so without hurting your cashflow.  Rent a topnotch, fully-maintained and supported Firewall solution for a fixed monthly rental, without upfront capex.

Our solution provides you with the following:

  • Cost-effective, topnotch security through our innovative rental product

  • A Firewall

  • The ability to monitor each device on your network

  • The ability to customize restrictions per device

  • The ability to monitor traffic inspection and data usage per device

  • The ability to prevent data leaks

  • Virus protection on your internet before it accesses your devices

  • Malware protection

  • Email protection against malware and phishing

  • An intrusion protection system

Why Rent?

No upfront capex

Get high-quality equipment and service at a fraction of the upfront cost.

Get the latest technology

Let us keep up with technology and developments in cyber security for you.

We provide the maintenance

We provide you with maintenance and the technical support that you need.

A high-quality Firewall can cost you in excess of R50,000, before you include the license fees for the latest software protection.  And due to the speed at which cyberthreats are evolving you cannot afford not to be secured with the latest software.

At TS Tec we are serious about security, but we believe that you shouldn’t have to trade-off between business opportunities and a security system.  Don’t compromise on security if you need to allocate your capital elsewhere or simply can’t afford to purchase a good Firewall.

That is why we have developed an innovative Firewall rental offering, designed to allow you access to the best security in an affordable way. TS Tec will assess your security requirements, install and maintain a Firewall designed to meet your business needs.

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