Are you concerned about Email security?

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Ready to migrate your in-house, hosted, pop or Imap email environment, but not sure where to start?

Email security is fast becoming one of the most talked-about topics in IT security circles, as well as a necessary measure for individual and business email accounts alike due to the popularity of email as an attack vector.

A commonly used medium for the spread of spam, malware and phishing attacks, emails entice recipients to reveal sensitive information, open attachments or click on hyperlinks that install malware on the victim’s device. Attackers also frequently use email as a means to gain access to business networks and breach valuable company data.

At TsTec, we provide flexible email migration options to help meet your technical requirements using Office 365 and Google Apps for business, which have both been at the forefront of mail flow, productivity and security since inception.

If you are ready to migrate your in-house, hosted, POP or IMAP email environment but are not sure where to start, contact us today for an assessment.

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